Call-in to Drop Charges against Cecily

call-inCall the Manhattan District Attorney, Cy Vance, who has the power to drop the charges against Cecily McMillan at any time. Let him know that it is time to act – (212) 335-9000.  Please also take a moment to sign the petition.  Cecily’s next hearing will be held this Wednesday at 9:30 am at 100 Centre Street, Part 41.  Her support team is also collecting donations to cover their expenses.

**Whatever your feelings towards the DA and justice system, it is imperative that this campaign of calls and tweets be respectful and courteous, for the success of the campaign and more importantly for the success of Cecily’s trial.**

Call for Contributions for J11 Prisoner Solidarity Art Auction

neveralone2014small‘Never Alone’ Exhibition June 11-30, 2014

Curated by the Earth First! Prisoner Support Project

Dear Artist,

This year on June 11 – the International Day of Solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid & all eco-prisoners – we will be running the 2nd annual Never Alone online exhibition. It will serve as an avenue not only for fundraising for these political prisoners, but as a way to reach out informatively to a broad audience on issues of earth & animal liberation and state captivity. We would love to invite you to contribute an artwork to this exhibition.

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Support Parole for Seth Hayes

SethThough Seth is presently awaiting an Appeals Unit release decision appeal, he is scheduled for his 10th parole hearing this June and can use letters of support.  Seth is currently in his 41st year of incarceration, and is in his mid 60′s.  Below is a long list of accomplishments.  One can choose from what Seth is currently working on or has already done, as well as a sample letter. The more personalized your letter is the better it is for the board. Thank you for your time and please add to your letter:

-State your relationship to Seth, family or supporter.

-State who you are (i.e. health care worker, citizen, mother, judge, carpenter, etc.)

-Please refrain from any profanity and be professional

write-inSend letters to Seth’s lawyer:
Cheryl Kates
P.O. Box 734
Victor, NY 14564

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Voice Opposition to Communication Management Units before March 25th

In order to try to comply with a prisoner’s lawsuit, the Bureau of Prisons has reopened the public comment period for the Communication Management Units (CMU). You may remember that the original comment period of 2010 netted 700+ letters and emails against the restrictions outlined in the proposal. The Department of Justice ended the comment period and has sat on their hands since then in terms of getting actual legal approval to run the CMUs.
write-inThe BoP has opened public comment period for just two weeks. Please check out the links below and send a clear message to them about these units and how they should be closed immediately.  Comments must be submitted by March 25.

Support Hunger Strikers at Immigration Detention Center

Hunger-StrikeLast Friday over 1200 detainees began a hunger strike inside the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington, one of the largest immigration detention centers in the country.

Immediately their massive protest made national news. In retaliation they are being harassed, and we heard yesterday that more than 20 of them were placed in isolation, cut off from communication.


They’re striking for the most basic things: better food, better treatment and fairness. To bring it to light, they’re risking their own health inside the for-profit detention center owned and operated by the GEO Group. In just the past two days we’ve seen an outpouring of support but they need more to stay safe and see their demands met.

Please help by signing the petition and spreading the word. We want to get over 1,000 signatures by tomorrow at 5pm. The wives of the hunger strikers are holding a rally outside the detention center in the morning and the hungers strikers are counting on our support.

Finally: Please call/e-mail ICE today!

Conditions are worsening against hunger strikers and they are being threatened with force feeding.  We need to put
direct pressure on ICE. Please take two minutes to call and e-mail Daniel H. Ragsdale, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director TODAY to demand an immediate end to the retaliation against hunger strikers and an
investigation of GEO Group’s treatment of detainees.

call-inCALL: Michael P. Reid
Deputy Assistant Director
Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement


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3 Years After 2010 GA Prison Hunger Strike, Another Erupts

3 Years After 2010 GA Prison Hunger Strike, Another Erupts, But Still No Organizing For Prisoners Outside the Walls 02/26/2014 — Bruce A. Dixon

Hunger-StrikeIn December 2010 GA prisoners staged a brief strike, asking for their rights as men and human beings. They depended, and still depend on support from outside, support that is yet to be organized. How much longer will they wait?

Voices in the community were raised, and demanded to meet with the governor or his representatives in support of the prisoners. We at Black Agenda Report and the Georgia Green Party were among those voices and attended some of those meetings.

Three years and a couple months ago, prisoners in multiple institutions in Georgia went on strike, peacefully refusing to leave their dorms and cells for work details or meals. The demands of the prisoners were remarkably simple.

They wanted educational and job training opportunities including literacy training for those who could not read.

They insisted on adequate food and real medical care.

They demanded some transparency in the way the authorities handled inmate funds, prisoner grievances, the adjudication of alleged offenses committed by prisoners, and in release and parole decision making.

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Bklyn: Friday, Feb 28th – Rod Coronado on Hunt Sabotage

Join us at The Base for this not to be missed tour:


Rod Coronado is well known among animal activists for his direct-action activism, including sabotaging mountain lion traps, arson, and playing an instrumental role in sinking two Icelandic whaling ships through Sea
Shepherd Conservation Society. Now the animal rights activist and ex-political prisoner is stopping in Brooklyn on a tour to spread awareness about wolf hunts happening now and hunt

Where: The Base, 1302 Myrtle Ave (at Stockholm), Bushwick

When: Friday, Feb 28 – 8:30 pm

Directions: M to Central or Knickerbocker/L to DeKalb


Hunt Saboteurs NorthWest needs your support to help document and prevent North American wolf hunts. We’re asking for donations at the door to help with the cost of this tour, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

We ask that anyone planning to video or record the presentations please make that known and get it cleared first.

More info on the Michigan wolf hunts via the Earth First! Newswire.

Some background on Rod:

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