ABCF Warchest:

We are regular contributors to the ABCF Warchest, a program sending monthly checks since 1994 to Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War who have been receiving insufficient, little, or no financial support during their imprisonment.  Get more information on how to donate to this important program here.  Your donations are much appreciated!

NY State Food Package Fulfillment:

We aid in coordination of food packages for political prisoners and prisoners of war held in NY state (Herman Bell, David Gilbert, Robert Seth Hayes, Maliki Shakur Latine, Abdul Majid, Jalil Muntaqim & Reverend Joy Powell).  While food packages for these comrades have been consistently fulfilled by friends and family members, the aim of the project is to support and augment those efforts so that our comrades are receiving the maximum amount of healthy and desirable food.  Currently we are seeking individuals or organizations who would like to sponsor a food package for one or more of the aforementioned prisoners.  These food packages are critical to ensuring that they are receiving proper nutrition while incarcerated.  For more information or to help with this program, please contact us.

Political Education:

Our internal political education program was inspired in part by the anonymous essay from the late 60’s entitled Organization Means Commitment, wherein it is stated that the first task of a revolutionary organization is theoretical analysis and synthesis to reflect upon the specific social realities within which it is operating with the aim at arriving at a clear conception of:

A) How this social reality has developed historically,
B) Of the contradictions within this reality, which are the basis for further development,
C) Which of these contradictions are are the principal and major ones requiring solutions if the society is to advance,
D) A vision of what kind of new reality will be created by the resolution of the principal and major contradictions
E) Which sectors of the society have the greatest potential for the struggles necessary to resolve these contradictions and create this new reality.

Some of the contradictions we are currently exploring is the lack of knowledge of and support for revolutionary groups and movements (and political prisoners from these movements) in Mexico as well as further outlying countries, and the lack of investment in alternative accountability models within the anarchist movement.  We are interested in other collective experiences with political education.  Please contact us with suggestions. Database:

We are administrators and regular contributors to the comprehensive database of political prisoners and prisoners of war found at

Publishing & Distribution:

Our publishing program concentrates on preserving and distributing writings by or for PPs/POWs/individuals targeted or facing repression for their political activities.  We work hand-in-hand with NYC Books Through Bars to provide select materials to social prisoners, and our distribution system for PPs/POWs is currently under construction.  We also coordinate the ABCF Prisoner Committee Writing Project, wherein the ABCF members behind bars contribute to a dialogue on an issue pertinent to current affairs or the state of the anarchist or broader revolutionary movement.  Check out Political Prisoners’ Notebook for materials collected by Elizabeth/Newark ABCF.  Contact us if you are able to assist with some of the technical aspects of adding materials to this site.  We have a huge backlog of exciting materials we’d like to get on the site.

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