We are the South Brooklyn chapter of the Anarchist Black Cross Federation.  We stand in solidarity with political prisoners and prisoners of war worldwide.sbabc-purple-logo.jpg

While the primary focus of our collective is PP/POW support, we are one of many collectives within an anarchist revolutionary movement.  We see PP/POW support as a critical component of this movement, and we also hold a commitment and responsibility to a broader struggle beyond PP/POW support.  Our values include love and respect for our comrades, dedication, dependability, discipline, self-reliance and accountability, as well as care and development of our bodies and minds.  South Brooklyn ABCF has a collective commitment to both be conscious of and act in opposition to systems of oppression including white supremacy, patriarchy, classism, heterosexism, and transphobia. We strive to take responsibility for our prejudices and actions which perpetuate oppression, and we understand that this is life-long work and an important part of a broader revolutionary strategy.

For more information or for a mailing address where we may receive inmate correspondence contact: sbrooklynabcf [at] riseup [dot] net

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