12 Days for Justice: this holiday season, take a stand for the rights of people in prison

Still time to make calls supporting the prisoners’ strike at Coal Township where political prisoner Joe-Joe Bowen is held! Keep the calls going until further notice!

Denver Anarchist Black Cross

12 days 4 justice BW

This holiday season marks the six-month anniversary of the historic Coal Township Dining Hall Boycott, when 1,300 prisoners at SCI Coal Township refused to go to the dining hall for a week to protest food cutbacks and denials of their basic human rights. At the end of the boycott, prisoners released a list of 22 demands. Six months later, only two of their demands have been met, and several boycott participants have been subjected to retaliatory and unjust transfers. While some of us on the outside prepare for holiday meals with friends and family, people at Coal Township and across the PA Department of Corrections continue to suffer from inadequate nutrition, poor medical care, unfair disciplinary policies, and separation from their loved ones.

That’s why this holiday season, Decarcerate PA is calling for 12 days for justice. For the 12 days leading up to Christmas, we are…

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