Support Abdullah Majid

Denver Anarchist Black Cross

ABDULLAH MAJID has been in prison for 33 years for a crime he denies
committing. After three (3) trials over four (4) years he and Bashiur
Hameed (now deceased) were convicted for the murder and attempted murder
of two NYPD officers in the county of Queens, N.Y. ABDULLAH is finally
scheduled to make his first parole appearance January 2015, and he is
asking for your support with letters to the parole board for his
release. ABDULLAH is aware he will be faced with an up hill fight for
his freedom due to NYPD’s unparalleled influence over the parole board.
None the less, he has always been a fighter and is not discouraged in
spite of the formidable forces he is up against. Letters to the parole
board should be sent to: New York State Board of Parole c/o Attorney
Moira M. Cohen; esq.
11 Park Place
Suite # 914

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