Support Parole for Seth Hayes

SethThough Seth is presently awaiting an Appeals Unit release decision appeal, he is scheduled for his 10th parole hearing this June and can use letters of support.  Seth is currently in his 41st year of incarceration, and is in his mid 60’s.  Below is a long list of accomplishments.  One can choose from what Seth is currently working on or has already done, as well as a sample letter. The more personalized your letter is the better it is for the board. Thank you for your time and please add to your letter:

-State your relationship to Seth, family or supporter.

-State who you are (i.e. health care worker, citizen, mother, judge, carpenter, etc.)

-Please refrain from any profanity and be professional

write-inSend letters to Seth’s lawyer:
Cheryl Kates
P.O. Box 734
Victor, NY 14564

Completed phase I, Phase II, and Phase III of “mandatory programming” of DOCCS.

Facilitator of Pre-Release programs (see certificates); completed ART, and AVP (basic, advanced, workshop leadership and facilitator training); completed the state education department, Adult Peer Counseling Compadre Helper Program (see certificate); in 1999, completed the Inmate Program Associate Training (see certificate); completed Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program in Teachers Aide (see Certificate)

Studied Business Law and Economics at Ohio University through correspondence course; presently attending, Hudson Links College inmate courses thus far completing Basic Math, English, presently engaged in American History and Ethics.

Served as a clerk in both the General Library and Law Library as a paralegal assistant.

Worked in Food Service, Grounds Maintenance, IGRC, General Business and Ethnic Studies.

A path of continued learning to improve and enhance his community devoted mind.

He has not had a disciplinary ticket since 1999. That was dismissed 4 months later, but prior to that, none since 1989. Since 1999 he has received no disciplinary tickets of any type but rather accommodations for his hard work, dedication and positive role responsibilities in whatever course or level of work called upon to complete.

He is now engaged in his 41 year of incarceration. With a discipline and work accredited mannerism, one is hard press to understand why he is time after time, turned down for parole release. Undoubtedly, many incarcerated have strong instant offenses for which they are serving time for, but one would be hard pressed to find a case of someone like Seth- continued denial of parole since 1998, having already completed his original sentencing, with a strong deterrent record of support for laws and remorse for his past actions- who is still incarcerated.

While in prison, Seth continues to work for the betterment of the community in which he lives. He has participated in programs with the NAACP, the Jaycees and other organizations and has worked as a librarian, pre-release advisor and AIDS counselor. Whenever possible, he has taken college courses. He is also a longtime advisor and collaborator in the annual “Certain Days” Political Prisoner calendar project. He is dedicated to continuing to work for social justice when he gets out of prison. While at Wende correctional facility, Seth was working to put together a “lifers program” to help rehabilitate prisoners and prepare them to reenter the community. Seth also coached basketball and worked on assisting a local restorative justice project taking place in Buffalo.  Thank you all for your time!

*For more information about Seth, see

Sample Letter:

Senior Parole Officer
Sullivan Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 116
Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116

Dear Senior Parole Officer of Sullivan Correctional Facility:

I am writing on behalf of Robert Hayes #74A2280, who is scheduled to appear before the parole board for the tenth time in June of 2014. Robert Hayes’ application for parole was denied when he last appeared before the board two years ago. At the time of that appearance, his record was excellent and continues to be so. Mr. Hayes has studied Business Law and Economics through a correspondence course at Ohio University and is presently attending Hudson Links College inmate courses. He has completed Basic Math and English and is currently studying American History and Ethics.

Mr. Hayes has continued to work to help others and improve himself. While at Clinton Correctional Facility, he facilitated in the HIV Educators program to assist others as well as becoming a member of the Lifer’s and Long Termers Organization, whose primary goal is to educate and instruct newly arriving inmates in adjustment to and preparation for final release from incarceration.

While at Wende Correctional Facility, Mr. Hayes coached basketball and participated in a local restorative justice project. These are but a few of his many accomplishments over his years of incarceration. I am confident that were he to be released, he would be a great asset to the community and to society at large.

There is no question that the crime for which Mr. Hayes was convicted was a serious crime. However, he has shown remorse and takes full responsibility for his acts.

I am sure that you will agree that after serving almost 40 years, Mr. Hayes’ release at this time would not deprecate the seriousness of the crime or undermine respect for the law.

Moreover, if you examine all of the factors that are used to predict whether a person is likely to recidivate, those factors indicate that Mr. Hayes will not engage in any criminal activity. His disciplinary history during his incarceration indicates that he obeys the rules in prison; he has a supportive network of family and friends on the outside available to assist him in his reintegration back into society and he had an extensive work history prior to being incarcerated, in addition to obtaining marketable skills in prison that will help him to obtain employment. Nothing is gained by his continued incarceration, and much is lost, as he has much to offer the community upon his release.

By the time that Mr. Hayes appears before the parole board, he will be 66 years old—more than 40 years older and considerably wiser than the man who was charged with committing the crime. He is a compassionate, caring individual and deserves a second chance.

Please grant Mr. Hayes parole and give him that second chance.




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