Call-in to Support Hunger Strike in Illinois Control Unit

Hunger-StrikePrisoners in the control unit at Menard IL are on hunger strike. The DOC is denying that the hunger strike exists, but according to letters from inmates they’re being beaten and threatened with force feeding.

The backstory:

The interview with lying DOC official:


UPDATE FROM MENARD- and numbers to call in support…

January 21, 2014 – The following information is drawn from letters received from prisoners in Administrative Detention at Menard Correctional Center in Menard, Illinois.  On January 15, 2014, approximately 25 prisoners in Administrative Detention at Menard Correctional Center went on hunger strike. Officers shook down their cells and took any food they found. The hunger strikers were sent to see medical staff and charged.  On the way back from seeing medical staff, one prisoner (said to be Armando Valazquez) was pushed onto the stairs while in handcuffs by two officers. Those officers then kicked and stomped on his back, picked him up and then slammed his face into the plexiglass window on a door. One officer was sent home early that day. Prisoner Velazquez was moved to the Health Care Unit and the prisoners have not seen him since.  The hunger strikers have been told the prison administration is working on obtaining a preliminary injunction to force feed them. They expect to continue the hunger strike even if they are force fed.  “We need as much outside support as possible.”

Please phone:

fund-driveGovernor Pat Quinn, 217-782-0244 or email

Illinois Department of Corrections Director, Salvador A. Godinez: 217-558-2200, x 2008

Warden Rick Harrington: 618-826-5071

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