Mondays: Call-in for the MOVE prisoners’ parole

MOVE8Recently information about the clear bias and the illegal parole denials of the Move 9 at the hands of the PA Parole Board has been publicized. These parole denials have been guided by the watchful eye of The Fraternal Order Of Police and also Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.  We want to bring to people’s attention the inner workings of the PA Parole Board and expose the fact that there are two former cops presiding over the parole hearings of MOVE Political Prisoners. Randy Feathers and Lloyd White are both retired police officers who were hand picked to sit on the Parole Board by the current Governor of PA. So, as you can see, this a clear issue of bias. The case of The MOVE 9 is centered around the murder of a cop. MOVE people were arrested, framed, and convicted for the murder of a cop. This is indeed a conflict of interest to have two former cops sitting over a parole hearing for such a case.

call-inPeople should be outraged with who is sitting on The Pennsylvania Parole Board and how their past affiliation is helping to influence the parole denials of MOVE. We are encouraging people to continue calling the PA Parole Board on Mondays at (717) 772-4343 and continue to demand the release of The Move 9. Also question them why former cops Randy Feathers and Lloyd White are on the Board. This is a clear conflict of interest in these parole hearings that needs to be questioned.

People have seen publicly how the police will organize against parole for our political prisoners before. You can look no further than the examples in New York City with the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association and their public campaign against parole for New York State Political Prisoners Jail Muntaqim, Herman Bell, and Robert Seth Hayes. You can look at Law Enforcement Officials in California and how they have organized against parole for Ruchell Cinque Magee. These public campaigns organized by Law Enforcement Officials help to dictate the parole denials made by the parole board in these cases. All in plain sight for the public to see how the police can influence the decision in these hearings.

This clearly shows the connection between Law Enforcement Officials past and present and how they are working against parole (and against the standards for parole) for The Move 9 and other Political Prisoners. This isn’t just an issue about The Move 9 and Political Prisoners. This issue is happening across the board in this country with people’s families being held hostage by these parole boards.

-Ramona Africa The MOVE Organization
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