Last chance to donate to Alex Stuck’s release fund

fund-driveAlex Stuck of the Tinley Park 5 was released on November 1st!  There are two days left to donate to his release fund.  The remaining prisoners of the Tinley Park 5 case are still locked up.  Jason Hammond, brother of political prisoner Jeremy Hammond, is facing charges for the same action and collecting donations for legal fees.

Alex Stuck of the Tinley Park 5 was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for attacking and stopping an organizing luncheon of white supremacists in Tinley Park, IL in May 2012.  He has enjoyed many letters, correspondences and book and commissary donations from his supporters during his time in captivity (y’all have helped to make his time much more tolerable!) but prisoner support doesn’t end when they’re released; transitioning out of prison can be a difficult time for former prisoners. Having felonies on their record creates barriers to housing and employment. Many things about their lives and communities may have changed during their time inside, so extra effort is required to provide support and build solidarity to avoid isolation and undue financial hardship. Please help create a gracious homecoming and a smooth re-entry for Alex.


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