Updated Support for Lynne’s Compassionate Release

Lynne-StewartUPDATE: Lynne has been denied compassionate release.  Join the Rallies and Marches in New York City: Monday, July 1 and Tuesday July 9 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm: Meet at Foley Square (bound by Centre, Layfayette and Worth Streets 2 blocks north of City Hall Park in Lower Manhattan) at 4pm and march to the Federal Court House @ 500 Pearl Street; then to MCC (Metropolitan Correction Center Jail); and back to Foley Square for the Rally.  If you have not signed already, signatures are still being requested for the petition to grant Lynne’s release.

The vigil at the Bureau of Prisons headquarters continues all week. If you are in DC, please come at noon tomorrow and Friday to 320 1st St NW, Washington, DC (corner 1st Street and Indiana Avenue, NW) to demand compassionate release for Lynne.

Simultaneously, Lynne Stewart’s husband Ralph Poynter and activists continue a vigil at the White House, mobilizing support for Lynne’s release.

call-inIf you cannot be in DC, telephone BOP Director Samuels at 202-307-3250. Urge him to act now to move forward compassionate release for Lynne Stewart. There is no time to lose.


On Monday, June 17, as activists stood before the BOP headquarters on Monday, a guard emerged to ask why they were there. Upon hearing that Dick Gregory would be present at the vigil the following day, he responded enthusiastically: “My man, Dick Gregory!”

On Tuesday, June 18, shortly after noon, fifteen people with banners and signs assembled outside the doors of the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, DC. for the historic vigil, the first in support of a federal prisoner at the Bureau headquarters.

Dick Gregory spoke about the urgent need for FBOP Director Charles E. Samuels, Jr. to sign Lynne Stewart’s fully vetted Compassionate Release application and to authorize the federal attorney to file the motion for Compassionate Release with Judge John Koetl. Lynne cannot be freed without the completion of these steps. At this moment, the unconscionable holdup rests with the absence of Director Samuels signature as the completed file remains “on his desk.”

As Dick Gregory spoke, workers at the Federal Bureau of Prisons gathered at FBOP windows. The ground floor lobby was filled with FBOP employees, listening and watching.

At 1:15 p.m. two Homeland Security cars pulled up. One of the men who exited one of the cars was in full combat dress. They stopped, watched as Dick Gregory spoke, noted the rapt attention Dick Gregory was receiving from both inside the FBOP and outside it, looked at each other and entered the building without speaking.

Askia Muhammad, News Director of WPFW, was there throughout the two hour vigil and recorded all that was said. Free Speech Radio News filmed and recorded. Code Pink and We Will Not Be Silent were present along with David Schwartzman, a noted DC activist.

Fernando Velasquez of Pacifica’s KPFA interviewed Dick Gregory and Lou Wolf on the international campaign to free Lynne Stewart and the vigils at the FBOP and the White House. Fernando broadcasts across Latin America.


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