Friday 2/15: Call-in for Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain


Warden Terry Tibbals will be receiving Sean’s appeal of his Sean’s transfer to Supermax at Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) on Thursday afternoon. We suspect that left to his own devices, he’ll rubberstamp the transfer and send Sean to spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement on security level 5B. We need to let him know that Sean has our support. Please tell the warden we know Sean’s being scapegoated and persecuted for his anarchist convictions, which are rooted in his deeply held (and institutionally approved) religious beliefs. Sean and his lawyers are working on a religious discrimination lawsuit if the transfer goes forward, but we’re hoping that inundating the Warden with phone calls will get him to blink and save us the time and trouble.

Please call Warden Terry Tibbals at 419-526-2000 on Friday morning. See call in script below.

sean-swainIf you’re feeling like an over-achiever, you can also call the investigator who wrote the report condemning Sean based on a flimsy “ideological match” with no actual evidence. Maybe chat her up about the differences between anarchism and Maoism. Or maybe compare and contrast the democratic ideology she’s supposed to uphold (including features like the “rule of law” or “due process”) and the arbitrary authoritarianism she’s actually perpetrating. Her name is Hunsinger and she’s at 419-526-2000 ext 2027, 2026, and 2029.

Also, please send Sean some valentines or something. He’s been on lockdown, underfed, sleep deprived, and basically tortured since September. He could use some warmth and love.

Sean Swain
ManCI 243-205
PO BOX 788
Mansfield, OH 44901


“Hello, I’m calling about Sean Swain’s potential transfer to OSP. Sean’s number is 243-205. I’ve seen the Rules Infraction Board decision and familiarized myself with the facts of Sean’s case. I believe he is being scapegoated. I understand that prisoners continue to engage in the activities Sean has supposedly been found guilty of leading, despite the fact that Sean has been under strict supervision for months. Other accused prisoners are not appealing their guilty findings or transfers.  Sean is appealing, because he is innocent.  The only evidence against him is ideological, and you do not have any authority or security interest in regulating or attempting to control the ideology or beliefs of the people you hold captive. Approving this transfer is out of line. Sean was scheduled for a security level reduction and transfer to Marion Correctional before these false accusations surfaced. Please, let Sean go to Marion instead of OSP. Thank you.”

Sean Swain is has been an outspoken anarchist and proponent of prisoners’ rights for many years. Before the accusations and transfer to segregation, Sean was writing strong opposition pieces to the ODRC’s privatization of prisoner commissary accounts. Sean has served over 20 years of a life sentence for a murder he maintains was self-defense against a man who broke into his house.

If the transfer to Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) goes through, he fears he may spend the rest of his life there. Recently Cornelius Harris, a prisoner on level 5 at OSP went on a 36-day hunger strike demanding a step-down procedure after spending three years in solitary on level 5 with no incident reports. Prisoners accused of participating in the Lucasville Uprising 20 years ago have been held on level 5 at OSP since the facility opened in 1998.


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