Support NW Grand Jury Resisters Katherine and Matt!

UPDATE: As of April 2013, all Pacific NW Grand Jury Resisters have been released!

Katherine Olejnik, was imprisoned on Sept. 27th for her refusal to cooperate with the ongoing witch-hunt and grand jury convening in Seattle that is investigating anarchists and other political radicals. She is now the second person to be imprisoned for invoking her fifth amendment right to silence and she, like Matt Duran, may be held until March unless we turn up the heat on this campaign to get them out!

This is the time to act!

There’s a couple things you can do below please remember than when dealing with prison/court officials and writing to prisoners, what you write and say can adversely impact our prisoners even though your comments may not have been solicited.

1. Call and Fax the District Attorney Jenny Durkan

There’s no fax machine required, see the below link for more information on how to do this and suggested things to say.

Fax: (206) 553-0882
Call: (800) 797-6722

2. Call the judge who jailed Matt and Katherine

Call Judge Richard Jones who jailed both of our comrades for refusing to testify and closed Matt’s original contempt hearing to the public (an unprecedented misuse of judicial powers). Demand that Matt and Katherine
be unconditionally released for invoking their fifth amendment rights.

3. Call The Jail

Call the jail FDC SeaTac and demand that Matt be given vegan food as required by federal law and court rulings. Matt is heading down a quick path of malnourishment if the jail can’t satisfy vegan dietary needs.
Refusing him vegan food is legally tantamount to torture and puts Matt’s life at stake.

Jail Phone (ask to speak to the warden or medical staff) 206-870-5700

4. Write/Send Books to Matt and Katherine

Katherine Olejnik #42592-086

Matthew Kyle Duran #42565-086

You can also mail them books from any book publisher such as Amazon. If they get too many books (there is a limit), they just end up in the prison library where they can swap them out for other books so keep sending
books! Please remember that when writing to prisoners, what you say or include in your envelope can adversely impact them even if your communication was unsolicited. Please be cautious yet fearless in your writings and remember they will all be read by prison officials. Also consider this when composing your return address. Remember: No magazine clippings, staples, or anything else except for paper, pen, and photocopies.

5. Send Money to Matt and Katherine

For those who have never been to prison or who don’t know much about prison, it is very expensive! Commissary items are ridiculous and given our prisoner’s diet restrictions they must go there frequently. Everything from soap to toothbrushes must be bought and at prices that would make the owner of a mining town jealous. Prisoners also need to buy stamps and stationery to write back their supporters. Most importantly, we want them to be treated like rockstars everywhere they go for their commitment to supporting our movements. To see what they can buy with this money, see the pdf.

You can send money to Matt and Katherine through the “National Lockbox” program. This means you can mail checks, money orders, western union, etc to the prison and they will make sure it gets deposited. For instructions
on how to do this, see the BOP site.

Matt has a support team you can paypal money to at visitationformattduran[at]

6. Act in Solidarity

There’s a million things you can do to bring attention to this case and pressure the DA, the judge, and the entire circus behind the witch hunt.  Be creative! Let’s use this as an opportunity to organize and build our
strength! Some flyers have been created and are available on the Puget Sound Anarchists site.

7. Stay in the loop and Spread the Word

Take a look at the following sites, follow the case, spread the word, and act in solidarity!

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