Call-in for Joy Powell’s Safety

Last month, Rev. Joy Powell was threatened, insulted and harassed by another inmate on her block. This incident occurred in front of a security camera and Corrections Officer Walton. This CO failed to take any action to prevent this altercation. Joy has received continuous harassment, insults, and threats from the same inmate.

On multiple occasions Joy has requested assistance from prison officials in an attempt to resolve this problem. Joy has sought a transfer for herself. Alternatively, she has requested that the other inmate be moved from the same block. Joy has asked for the video from cameras with the following serial numbers: CS114091 above officers station, CS1141112 facing C-Corridor, CS114111 by C-6, CS114114 by c-10, and CS114113 located by C-13. This request was arbitrarily denied. It is the Department of Corrections (DOC) responsibility to “remain alert and monitor inmate’s behavior to prevent and stop assaults.”

call-inJoy does not want to have to defend herself and she deserves to live
in a peaceful environment where her voice is listened to. She is
requesting people call Superintendent Sabina Kaplan (914) 241-3100
x2000. Joy is requesting that supporters ask that the following
actions be taken:

1. That CO Walton attend courses that stress the importance of
monitoring inmate behavior and protecting inmates from foreseeable
harm as well as from inmate-on-inmate assaults

2. That an impartial Sergeant be assigned to investigate this incident.

3. That Kim Brown be moved to the D-Corridor since she has a history
of threatening and intimidating other inmates on the C-Corridor.

4. That cameras noted above be reviewed for visual and sound to
corroborate Joy’s allegations of the incident August 6, 2012.

5. That no retaliation be taken against Joy by Sergeant Hoke or his

You may also write to Joy directly: Reverend Joy Powell #07G0632, Bedford Hills CF, P.O. Box 1000, Bedford Hills, NY 10507-2499


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