Support the Cleveland 4 before Trial starts this month!

The Cleveland 4 support group is doing the best they can, given the ridiculously fast scheduling of the trial, and Tony snitching out. We’ve been so appreciative for the support and attention groups have been raising. Right now, with the trial rapidly approaching on September 18th, we’re working on getting any additional funds together we can for the legal team. We’re asking folks across the nation to do whatever makes sense for you — do an event, pass a hat at a meeting, spend an hour calling people to get pledges, busk… it’ll be a big help.

Also, we’ve launched an indiegogo. We need to get a lot of people to view the indiegogo, and if possible make even small donations of a few dollars. The more visitors it gets, the more people share the link on facebook or tweet about it, and the more contributors, the more it’ll be featured on indiegogo’s site and the more random people will be exposed to it. That’s the idea. If you can get people on there, it’d be awesome.

Thank you so much!


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