Callout for Solidarity Against Prison and in Support of Nyki Kish

Just one day apart this August are Prisoners Justice Day and the five-year anniversary of charges against Nyki Kish, a community activist, poet, song-writer, traveller, and generally wonderful person, who was convicted of a murder she did not commit!

August 10th is Prisoners Justice Day, dedicated to the memory of those who died unnatural deaths while in prison, and to celebrate the struggles of prisoners against the conditions of their confinement. On that day, prisoners go on strike, refusing work and food, and those on the outside who participate in the struggle against prison take action in solidarity with them. This year, screws across the country are trying to prevent prisoners from honouring Prisoners Justice Day. This repression combined with the expansion of the prison system in this country makes it more important than ever to raise awareness and show solidarity with the struggles of prisoners.

Two days before, August 8th, marks the five-year anniversary of the charges against Nyki Kish. Nyki has spent more than a year in jail now, following the four years on house arrest spent fighting these accusations. For those close to her, to those who have watched this case unfold, and certainly to Nyki herself, the five-year mark of this nightmare has a heavy significance. August 8th is also Nyki’s birthday, and this year it’s extra important to celebrate.

To mark these two occasions, we’re calling on our friends and allies to drop banners in solidarity with prisoners struggle, against all prison, and in support of Nyki. Aim to drop your banners within a few days of the 8th and 10th, and be sure to get a picture of it! We’re going to compile all the pictures to send in to Nyki for her birthday – send them along to[at]gmail[dot]com.

Against prison – Solidarity with prisoners struggle – Free Nyki!

For more information about Nyki’s conviction and the effort to overturn it, see


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