Two New Prison Hunger Strikes!

Prisoners Hunger Strike Against Solitary Conditions in Morganton
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DECEMBER 13, 2011

We recently received word that on December 1st, at least ten prisoners
at the Foothills Prison in Morganton, NC went on indefinite hunger
strike. This action was/is being taken in protest of the conditions in
solitary confinement. They submitted the following demands to the

“We feel these are modest demands and will not quit until they are
met. They include but are not limited to:

1. We demand the removal of the mesh covering segregation windows,
which restricts long-distance vision and causes sensory deprivation.

2. We demand to be free to recreate on exercise hour without full
restraints. Exercising in full restraints is physically impossible and

3. We demand to have our desk, metal seating bench, and book shelves
put back in our rooms.

4. We demand adequate food and full portions on our food trays, which
includes nutritional meals.

5. We need more psychologists for prisoners. The facility only has two
psychologists for a 712-bed prison.

6. We demand for all prisoners on control status (I-Con, M-Con, and
H-Con) that are not indigent to be able to purchase paper and
envelopes from the canteen.

7. We demand for all segregation prisoners to be able to purchase any
type of pharmaceutical item from the canteen as stated in policy,
including for example vitamins, tylenol, muscle relaxer cream, foot
fungus powders, etc.

8. We demand adequate and equal cleaning supplies on clean-up days as
regular population, including brushes and toilet bowl cleaner.

9. We demand shower mats outside of showers to prevent slipping and injuries.

These are just the demands agreed upon by the comrades. We would
greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer on short notice. We
will all stand strong against enemy forces and be victorious in this
small problem surrounding the entire prison-industrial complex.”

The prisoners on strike at Morganton ask outside comrades to call in
to the prison in support of the strike. The contact information is

Superintendant Lance Corporning , Asst. Superintendant Larry Williams
5150 Western Ave.
Morganton, NC 28655
(828) 438–5585

We will do our best to keep people informed about updates with the
strike and ways that outsiders can act in solidarity.

until every cage is empty,
some NC anarchists against prisons

← Update from the Pelican Bay Short Corridor
Prisoners at Corcoran Administrative Segregation Unit Challenge the CDCR & Advance Prisoners’ Struggle

Posted on December 30, 2011
Prisoners in the Administrative Segregation Unit (ASU) at Corcoran State Prison issued a petition listing 11 demands for reform to the CA Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR). The prisoners explained to CDCR officials on December 19th that the petition serves as a notice of a peaceful protest if these demands are not met in a timely manner. CA hunger strike supporters, prisoner advocates and family members were informed today that prisoners at Corcoran began refusing meals on Dec. 28th. Supporters are currently trying to get more information, and will send out another update as soon as possible.

Click here to read the prisoners’ petition.


One response to “Two New Prison Hunger Strikes!

  1. CORRECTION- For North Carolina, ask for Ms Ladonna Brown when you call. She is either superintendent or assistant superintendent. Apparently Lance Corporning is retired.

    (828) 438–5585

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