Action Alerts

This Action Alerts page is designed to keep active campaigns on the forefront.  You can also scroll down the homepage looking for the icons below that correspond to the different categories of alerts.

court-supportLocal Court Support & Jail Solidarity Demonstrations:

Cecily McMillan: Trial has begun and supporters are calling on activists and friends to fill the courtroom to witness each day of the proceeding. Cecily faces 2nd degree assault charges stemming from an encounter with the NYPD that left her beaten and unconscious on the evening of March 17, 2012 at an event marking the 6-month anniversary of the occupation of Zuccotti Park. Trial is scheduled to start on Monday, April 7, 9:30am – 4pm at Manhattan Criminal Court, 100 Centre St., part 41, Room 1116Sign the petition and call the DA asking to drop the charges against Cecily.

No Separate Justice Vigils: A Post-9/11 Domestic Human Rights Campaign will hold vigils the first Monday of every month from 6-7 PM outside the Metropolitan Correctional Center (150 Park Row, NYC), a federal prison where people accused of terrorism-related offenses have been held in solitary confinement for years, even before they have been tried. This new public education campaign aims to shed light on and end a pattern of human rights and civil liberties abuses in “War on Terror” cases in the criminal justice system. Please bring a flashlight with you as we will be shining a light together to expose this domestic torture site, the MCC.  The next event is Monday, April 4th.

CUNY 6: Six CUNY students were violently arrested at a protest against CIA Director and Honors College adjunct professor David Petraeus.*

Taffy & Khalil: Two students arrested at a demo to protest the closure of the Morales Shakur Community Center at CUNY are still facing criminal charges, as well as suspension from CUNY.*

*Stay tuned to the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee for updates.

call-inOngoing Call-ins:

*Marie Mason: Continue to call (and write a letters) to Prison Director Samuels to move Marie closer to family and away from the extreme isolation she is experiencing at FMC Carswell.  More information here.  This campaign will likely stretch into 2014.

leonard-peltier*Leonard Peltier: Call the White House every Friday until 2014 for clemency for Leonard!

*Cuban 5: Call/fax/write in on the 5th of every month to President Obama to release the Cuban 5!

*MOVE 9: As of November 2013, there is a campaign to call-in to the parole board every Monday at (717) 772-4343 to support parole for the Move 9.

*Palestinian Political Prisoners: Call the office of Jeffrey Feltman, Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs (202.647.7209) to demand that he bring the issue of the Palestinian Political Prisoners’ Demands urgently to his counterparts in Israel.

write-inOngoing Letter & Petition Drives:

*Mumia Abu-Jamal: Sign the petition to Attorney General Eric Holder to release Mumia.

*Barrett Brown: Sign the petitions to drop the charges.

*Alvaro Luna Hernandez: Write to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of the Organization of American States to urge a formal investigation Alvaro Luna Hernandez’s case and defend his rights under international law. Refer to Alvaro Luna Hernandez v. United States, No. p-1033 filed August 29, 2008. See Alvaro’s support site for a sample letter. Address letters to Executive Secretary Canton at:

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
17th Street & Constitution Avenue NW,
Washington DC 20006

Committee to Free Alvaro Luna Hernandez:
P.O. Box 7187, Austin, TX 78173

Alternatively, letters may be emailed to If you email your letter, please BCC or send a separate email with your message to twitchon[at]hotmail[dot]com.

*Chelsea Manning: Sign the petition to Obama and write a letter to Major General Jeffrey S. Buchanan.

*Rasmea Odeh: Sign the petition to Attorney General and other officials to drop the charges against Rasmea.

*Leonard Peltier: Sign the petition to grant clemency to Leonard.  Also, send a letter to the White House.

*Dr. Mutulu Shakur: Sign the petition to call for a U.S.Truth & Reconciliation Commission to address COINTELPRO and U.S. held Political Prisoners.

*If you live in NY state, send a letter supporting the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act.

parole-supportParole Support:

Take action for the hearings listed below now to ensure your input is received in time! See also information on hearings further in the future, and general guidelines for parole support letters.

*William Turk/Sekou Kambui: February 2014.  Sign the petition and write a letter of support.

*Hugo “Yogi” Pinell: May 2014.  Send letters to Yogi’s lawyer email a copy of your letter to his supporter, Killu Nyasha at kiilu2[at]

*Debbie Sims Africa: May 2014.  See for more information on how you can support Debbie’s parole.

jalil*Robert “Seth” Hayes: June 2014.  Sign the petition, and write a letter of support.

*Dr. Mutulu Shakur: July 2014.  If you are affiliated with an NYC institution relating to acupuncture, holistic health or International law and would like to support parole for Dr. Shakur by writing a letter affirming you would host a lecture or seminar by him on one of these topics after his release, please contact South Brooklyn ABCF asap.

*Jalil Muntaqim: Summer 2014.  Sign the petition.

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